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Knowledge & ICT Fest 2014

screen shot TCTC

Today marks the start of the Knowledge & ICT Fest at Smart City Malta, Kalkara. The official description can be found hereunder:

The empowerment of knowledge and the teaching of ICT, now computing, has always entailed organic changes from year to year. Since the wholesale shift in focus towards computing, however, the future heralds even greater upheaval. There are few who doubt the importance…

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at Mgarr Farmers Bar

Happy belated madre 💛

Grey afternoons sorted. #cooking #baking #scones

Ar’issa #morning #riviera #malta #amigos (at Ghajn Tuffieha Bay)

Calf workout bil- kwiet #traffic #malta

Information Security Expo

An Information Security expo, organised by the Malta Information Technology Agency, will be taking place on the 11th of October, 2014 at Smart City Malta.

With an ever increasing number of Information Technology users on the Maltese Islands, an event aimed to raise awareness of the importance of security in IT usage is important to all stakeholders of this industry. A variety of activities will…

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